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Message from the RGSTC President

Monday, May 18

Memorial Day weekend, typically our opening weekend, is drawing near, so it feels like the right time to give our members an update on our planning.

The Governor has rolled out a phased re-opening plan that includes very loose language about swimming pools in Phase I. Given the highly restrictive nature of the first phase (and the subsequent extension of Phase 0 to 29 MAY) it is clear that the pool will not open in May. We can’t say with certainty yet how we‘re looking for a modified opening in June, but that’s one of the options the board is discussing.

We will continue to monitor the Governor’s Executive Orders closely and re-frame our current environment as new information becomes available.

We are also taking cues from other sources. For example, some of the board members and I are in regular contact with the Presidents of the surrounding area pools. Here we are sharing information, discussing options, and attempting to move forward together in a way that balances the safety of our members with providing the best experience we can for the summer.

Thanks to the loyalty of our members, we are at full membership capacity! In addition to the returning members, we welcomed 22 new families from our waiting list this season!

We are cautiously optimistic there will be a modified season of some sort. And although it won’t be like any other year, we will do our level best to ensure that our RGSTC members get the most out of their club this year.

The board’s next official meeting is June 8, although most of the board members are in regular contact throughout the week as information bubbles to the surface, and we are holding impromptu board meetings as needed. I will send another note after the June meeting to give you the latest updates. If there is a specific topic you’d like us to discuss, please contact me or any one of the other board members.

Here are a few links to give you an idea of what we’re using to inform our plans:

A brief overview of the Governor’s ”Forward Virginia” plan:


Here is a link to the CDC’s excellent site for Aquatic Venues:


Finally, this is a great breakdown of some of the measures we’ll have to put in place if/when we open back up:


Best wishes,

Jakin Waldock

RGSTC President


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